from the bindery: production, just like old times

today at work i mended, chopped, and glued up 10 adhesive bound books. i have 7 more waiting to go tomorrow. i was on my feet nearly the full 8 hours. i worked hard. i stayed focused. i had fun! in about one week or less, i will have these 17 books bound (and gagged). just like old times.

how is this possible, you ask?

finals and the semester break leave book repair all ghost town-y.

finals and the semester break leave me working hard and steady on my own, just like the good ol' days at north bennet. those were the days where i would stand all day, every day and then hobble back home across boston to brighton with swollen ankles, calloused fingers, and bleary eyes.

this is the best feeling--to feel tired from a good day's work for the brain and the body.


Mary Malcarne Thomas said...

oh, good old work feels wonderful! I love the glory of productivity when the house is silent and still as it sounds your is. Though, swollen ankles does NOT sound good. Sit your cute fanny down before that happens? Yes? YES!

Nancy said...

It is so very nice to work while the others are gone. So very productive. Be careful not to get swollen ankles or you will have to wear those funny compression socks.

Pear said...

best feeling ever: accomplishment.

Amanda, Curtis, Ellis, Hugh said...

Ah, a ghost town of her own... That is the life.

Wendy said...

That is my favorite feeling! Happy bookbinding!