from the bindery: graffiti dialogues

every once in awhile i come across a book at work that has lots of graffiti in it from different patrons, and every once in awhile that graffiti is actually a dialogue between patrons, and typically the book topic has some bearing on readers' moral and religious beliefs, and inevitably some of those graffiti voices are just a wee bit self-righteous. my find this week was the book of essays, God the Mother, whose title page was covered in impassioned comments. apparently several patrons felt the essays bordered on heresy and felt the need to warn other readers that they would go to hell for reading this book or subscribing to its views. others wrote in the author's defense. 

take a look:


from the bindery: zapped by cocktails

one of my current projects at work. yes, it is in the BYU library. i love this cover.

from the bindery: lent lint

This damaged slip greeted me the other day as i was reviewing books for repair. . . . So i read the attached note:

Everything is wrong about this....but also so funny!!! For one thing, you don't repair anything that is lent to you by another library in the interlibrary loan system. For another thing, you never use tape (4 letter word, remember???) I loved that this patron was aware of the problem of the tape's stickiness to devise a way of making it less sticky--

---lint from their jeans! (it's still pretty sticky)