a brief pause for reflection

as i've suspected all along, it seems being a reluctant bookbinder will never be enough.


Sue Rasmussen said...

So what do you see as adding value to your live?

christina q thomas said...

well, i don't mean that it's not sufficiently fulfilling in my life right now. i mostly mean that i'm not passionate enough or committed enough to bookbinding. there are too many other things i care about to fully streamline my life in that way. yet, i will never achieve the level of skill and talent that i want in this state and that i feel i need to really be considered a true blue binder. i haven't decided yet if this is ok or not. when i read interviews with contemporary bookbinders, i feel i'm falling short. like i need to work harder. i question my passion--or lack thereof--again. i feel frustrated that i cannot afford to continue my training with other binders.

but i also always acknowledge that i'm only 28 and have a long way to go.

this ambivalence has always been here. i'm sure lots of people feel it. sometimes it just rears its head more than other times.

Mom/Paula said...

This is a comment about your posting about what you are currently reading: Really, my thesis? I just noticed that it was missing today and wondered where it might be. I feel like an author whose only book rarely gets checked out of the library--happy that someone is interested.

I love you, Christina.