a house of order......almost

so here's my house.

and here's who i have to thank:

green curtains: john and mary
tv stand and tv: dad and mom
orange chair: bec and bryce

floor lamp: angie from taiwan

blue sofa bed: angie from taiwan
pillows: mom and dad

dresser: mom and dad

(these are my seeds getting their morning sun bath. in the afternoon i move them to the west window for a second soaking of sun)

ottoman: a nice couple in provo
turtle on the fridge: blair and dottie

pot hanger: dad for hanging it!
kitchen cart thing: dave and karin
microwave: angie from taiwan

weirdest oven in all the world. the dials for the burners were blank, so after turning them on to experiment with which direction was "HIGH" and which was "LOW," i wrote in the rest of the temperature labels.

the Victory Sponge (my apron, for those who don't know) looks at home hung up on my circuit breaker switches, don't you think?

the other half of my bedroom (see below for the half with my table). it was like christmas de-boxing all my books that i hadn't seen in years and years. next to the bookcase are two more little IKEA tables with some scrap board resting on them to form a low table for my indoor seed plantings. they get loads of afternoon sun from my bedroom window. last week i put in eggplant, leeks, and some basil. this weekend it'll be peppers, more peppers, some other herbs, and nasturtiums.

bed of loveliness: mom and dad
lamp: mary and john

the bathroom. now mold free!


Monica Holtsclaw said...

Awesome place! I like picturing you there :) Love the bench in your bedroom, perfect spot in front of the window. Happy day.

Nancy said...

it would be funny to put together a synopsis of where all our furniture came from as well, ah the poor life! La vie Boehme!

Amanda, Curtis, Ellis, Hugh said...

Yay! What did you do for your mold? And I love the seeds.

Mary Malcarne Thomas said...

It looks soooo great! I can't wait to see it in person. You're amazing. It is a house of order, coolness, and most of all, total hangoutable.

Miss/love you!

Wendy said...

Thanks so much for sharing all those pictures. Your apartment is so lovely! What wonderful friends and family you have. It looks so cozy and so Q. I agree with Monica that it is fun picturing you there. I wish I could come over for tea.