from the cinema: slumdog and oil

Slumdog Millionaire is the kind of movie that is a whole, complete work of art. it has mastered storytelling in every way available to the medium--thru photography, music, story, acting, editing, and design. i left that movie affected, yes, by the extremely harsh realities of the boys' lives but even moreso by the artistry, sincerity, and morality of it--the freshness, resilience and real lifeness.

i felt similarly when i watched There Will Be Blood. it's a similarly harsh movie in many aspects, but to me, more dominated again by impeccable storytelling and remarkable, sometimes breathtaking artistry.

these movies' natural style underscores everyday beauty and brings it into high relief as it is set against cruelties, disappointments, and injustices. like real life.

these belong to the category of movies that leave me inspired to create.....to keep creating with meaning and energy and complete artistry. to think things through and leave nothing done halfway. to find inspiration in everything around me and to use art to recast life.


Katie said...

I like what you said about art recasting life. That is the point, isn't it. To find the things that are art-worthy in real life. To see the beauty (both the happy and sad kind) in life in such a way as to make you want to remember it. Enough to keep it in art-form.

Mary Malcarne Thomas said...

Hum, you're sounding very well versed in the movie language. makes me think we need to have a good conversation one of these days so I can find out exactly where you're getting all this talky talk from. Hum, yes, you must call me very, very soon.

And Slumdog is all that and more. Oh, yes, it's delicious.

Call me, call me, call me!

Nancy said...

well, I feel enriched just for having read your description! I shall keep it all in mind while waiting for the day it is not rented at Redbox - the only affordable way to watch movies on a student budget.

Amanda, Curtis, Ellis, Hugh said...

One of the movies that makes me feel this way is Babbette's Feast. Totally different type of movie but with the essential ingredients for good film-making you are talking about.

Literally, there are ingredients in this film. Anyway, I know you know this film and have likely seen it lots of times, but I was just reminded of it and how great it is.