from the kitchen: some fall pastries

all of my favorite fruits and veggies are available fresh and in season right now, which means when i'm not in the lab i can't stay out of the kitchen and all is well in the world!

this pears and cream tart is made with pears from the ground of the Jones's orchard (home of Magic the horse who also likes pears). Magic Pears and Cream Tart: crumbly butter crust with a touch of sugar filled with a light, creamy custard and fresh pears with peels!

cherry-rhubarb pie with sour cherries grown out back, grandma's rhubarb, and a new kind of crust. i can't take credit for inventing the layered-crust-circles look, but i like it. it's a great alternative for too-dry crust that's difficult to roll out. this pie was pretty delicious except for the unthickened juices that made everything soggy. piemaker's horror.

a family fave and a delicacy passed down through the ages--the danish pastry [puff] done Biddy style. traditionally this pastry is yellow, thanks to butter and eggs. i prefer pink and green.


Amanda, Curtis, Ellis, Hugh said...

My mouth is watering. I made an apple pie for Curt's birthday yesterday. I had to use a round cake pan and a toaster oven. We did have some soggy pastry issues...but it's hard to ruin sweet wonderful apples coated with cinnamon and sugar on a rainy day. Just the smell is enough.

YOU, Bid are an artist in the kitchen.

Please post recipes, especially for the pear tart.

Nancy said...

I certainly need to glean some of your gift for baking! I too would love to TRY the pear tart.