from the garden: pesto brain

after a slow, unmotivated day in the lab, i came home itchy to actually be productive with my hands. which meant it was time to finally whip the remnants of my summer basil plants into long overdue pesto. the basil had been sitting in ziploc bags in the fridge for about one week too long, and it came out looking almost unusable......but smelling ok. but just so you can imagine it, it basically looked like spinach in its last leg.


a miracle happened, and delicious bright pesto was born. beautiful greens! the darker basil is a combination of purple basil and the usual sweet basil. the other is lighter green, with smaller leaves and tastes more like tarragon. together they become the ultimate basil pesto brain. and thrown together with pasta, sun-dried tomatoes, shredded parmesan, and pine nuts--a delicious pesto brain pasta-o-rama!

actually.......i recently had surgery and this goo was where my brain was supposed to be.
pesto brain bid!


Nancy said...

I really just like the name Pesto even I still haven't figured out the real use for it as a food group.

Sue said...

I love making pesto - the house smells so good! The best is pesto spread inside a bread dough and rolled up. Fresh bread and pesto smells. I think it tastes great but it actually smells better than it tastes.

Anonymous said...

oh, oh, oh! I wish I were there! My very most favorite thing in the world is fresh pesto on pasta! I can smell it!