notes from a reluctant commuter: only in utah

i couldn't help but notice flocks of cheerful, energetic looking women migrating toward the convention center downtown. unsual for a friday morning at 7:45. very unusual. as i certainly was neither perky nor destined for the salt palace, i blearily resigned myself to never knowing from whence or for what this strange species had descended upon us.

i had forgotten all over the course of a non-busy, busy day involving further entrenchment in the local bookbinding and conservation world and making pretense of hinging on a few loose fly leaves. that was until i was comfortably seated on the express bus headed home. very near the scene of the morning's mystery, a man talking on a cell phone embarked. i couldn't help overhearing him say with an unmistakable smile in his voice, ". . . bunch of ladies stamping up stuff."

of course. utah is the perfect place for a scrapbooking convention. how could i be so blind?

near the end of my ride home, as commuters were whipping out cell phones, calling for rides, i overheard another man in conversation: ". . .Do you mind if we stop and give someone a blessing on the way home? [pause] Do you have oil? [pause] Well, we'll get things taken care of and consecrate some if we need to. . . . "

ah utah. i love thee.

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Amanda, Curtis, Ellis, Hugh said...

This post was a very good read.

I believe that blogging certainly can be a form of scrapbooking. It's interesting to compare the similarities and differences. I'm sure many people are writing their dissertations about it.

Blog on, Bid. More, more! Here's my stamp of approval! (As if you needed it.)