lab notes: moldy monster

ever wonder what might happen to your wet book if you don't treat it properly or quickly?

exhibit amold concentrated along the spine where the pages dry more slowly.

exhibit b
i like this mirror effect. looks like a pelvis.
which leads me to believe that the mold is slowly transforming the book into an entirely different creature all together. with a pelvis. IT'S ALIVE!!!

exhibit c
after guillotining the ever-so-hazardously-moldy spine (this volume was only oversewn loose leaves, so no worry about chopping existing spine folds), we get a good look at the "strata of mold." gross.

definitely glove and mask worthy. first things first, i took a vacuum to this monster in embryo. a special mold vacuum with a special filter and special tiny attachments. the hope is that the vacuuming will pick up not only loose dirt, but whatever spores might be lurking. after disbinding and spine-chopping, the book goes into a bath, which will hopefully neutralize the mold somewhat and strengthen the mold-weakened paper. then the volume will be digitized, rebound, and returned to its owner. the safest option, tho, would be to digitize it and then trash this blossoming bio-harzard.


Amanda, Curtis, Ellis, Hugh said...

Ellis after read this post and viewed photos: "So she uses a mold vacuum? Why does she want to suck up the mold?"

I explain, then ask, "Do you think that's cool?"


christina q thomas said...

ahh. she could be a little bookbinder yet!