seasonal chiasmus

today life is in chiasmus...

rain and cooler weather,

sprouting greens--spinach, lettuce and arugula

new beginnings at a new semester on campus

a season of plants and shrubs growing tired,
giving off their last exhale in a building burst of color....

i drift back with my memories to september and october's seasonal opposites, march and april

a season of plants and shrubs waking up,
breathing their first fresh breaths in a building burst of floral color

graduation marking new beginnings at the end of a semester on campus

sprouting greens--spinach, lettuce, and kale

rain and warming weather

spring and fall. at once so alike, yet moving in opposite directions, preparing for different tasks. they, in their own extremes, temper the more exuberant extremes of winter and summer.

and for a moment the world rests in equilibrium at the equinox--balanced light and life--before swirling along its expansive, ever-changing way

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Mary Malcarne Thomas said...

love it. love it. love it. have I mentioned recently that you're brilliant and an amazing writer and can see very, super duper cool things in life/world around you and that I'm so glad that I know you! there. wait, i love you too!