some scattered springy snowy thoughts

the last gigantic spring snow is as thrilling as the first gigantic autumn snow.
because one is the first, and the other the last.
big snow makes us move slow,
it brings the world's nuance into high relief.
white noise vanquished by white,
robins' songs bounce about in triumph.
pink plum perfume wafts
alongside this cool
the river rises to a roar
the snow persists
dropping upon our brow
a big wet farewell kiss


Amanda, Curtis, Ellis, Hugh said...

oh biddy, that was lovely--another candidate for the Pea!

Pear said...

Wow. That was beautiful. Especially the last line.

christina q thomas said...

thanks little buddies. you are too nice. i rarely deliberate over this stuff. (which is why nearly all of it goes into despierto where i feel totally free to be as unpolished as i'd like). it just gets plunked down. don't you like it when words and writing have physical shape, too? sometimes that more than anything determines how and what i write.

John said...

Mary, not John, and I wish I could delight in the spring snows, but they've lost a bit of magic as they turn into last spring and early summer and then summer snows up here. But when I leave, I think I'll miss it! Your writing by the by, is free and lovely and perfect.

Paula said...

". . . when Biddy had finished, all the family applauded. 'Why, Biddy, you are a poet!' Biddy blushed and then smiled, and said shyly, 'I know it!'

I enjoy and delight in your creativity, Tina. Please always share what you write or create with me.

And that goes for all of you.