one world's end



how once i could

jump on the subway

and jump off the subway

at the end of the world

in just half an hour?


a crescent of sand

filling with crescents of waves

and crescents of winds

and crescents of dogs

and buoys dressed like dogs?


H.G. Thomas said...

did you write this? I like mucho. (mary, not hen)

Nancy said...

wow. I needed that little break - to the worlds end and back

Amanda, Curtis, Ellis, Hugh said...

I also like this: a little poetry vs. prose sometimes. Good for those transition times in life. (So, that means most of the time....)

And I see you are listening to my CDs now. Hmmmm.... Sing Eternal Flame for me, loud and often.

Love you, B.

christina q thomas said...

thanks, all.

mary-henry, yes i wrote this last night. i thought of it while watching the movie Pollock. Interesting how watching other artists or depictions of artists inspires one.

nanc, if only you could really go there, it would be a lovely respite.

mand, you know the rest of my life when not in the q lab is in despierto. i find i'm almost as interested in the physical shape of my poems as in the words. i'll sing eternal flame to you tonight in your dream.

hannah g said...

Why is this not on the writing blog???