from the diaryland: fam and food

last re-post, i promise. too good to pass up. plus, it's appropriate because part of the reason i'm a reluctant bookbinder is because i would like to have more time and energy to spend on food--growing it, cooking it, baking it. (not books. you can't do any of those things to books)

but anyway, here's some old thoughts in hyperbole from december 2005.

food, 12.18.05

every single child and in-law in my family is truly obsessed with making, talking about, and eating food. our family gatherings are built around food, and not one goes by without some lengthy but fascinating discussion and analysis of delicious food eaten out or delicious food prepared at home. even today when only john and mom and i were sitting at the dining room table, we were still discussing food--fondu, sushi, and some swiss cheese thing! and just a little while later, mand called specifically to discuss the best way to melt baker's chocolate for moosewood brownies (in the microwave) and whether or not she should add the cinnamon. i then told her about a delicious pumpkin curry soup and about the greatest breakthrough in christmas-cookie frosting ever made that was happening right then and there in our kitchen! our entire conversation consisted only of food! and then we hung up. food is one of the flam's biggest connecting points. our best and most memorable times together are always around the table, in the midst of delicious concoctions and surrounded by each other's good company.


Katie said...

Bid, this is how it is meant to be. I am seriously impressed by this little post. This is my heart of hearts, my imagined ideal of family gatherings. Noisy bunches of people in a kitchen consuming, and consumed by food. What coziness.

Amanda, Curtis, Ellis, Hugh said...

Yes, I agree. In my dream home the kitchen is the most glorious room in the house--not because of fancy appliances but because of the way I envision the space organized for people to gather, talk, work and play together.

Nancy said...

I do have to say, to follow up Mand's comment that because your former home had such a sapcious and central kitchen there was gathering. Not to mention that your family always was into weird things like sushi, fondu, and curry soup. :)

Pear said...

you can too grow books. They practically grow on trees.